About the Author



The author is an award winning marketer whose work is focused on the intersection of business, social media, and digital marketing to deliver world-class customer experiences and accelerate business growth. She has developed successful marketing programs for Fortune 100 companies, mid-size businesses and startups, blockbuster games and innovative technology solutions.

She has 25+ years of marketing experience and while at IBM she oversaw marketing efforts for all aspects of the exploding networked digital media marketplace, from traditional broadcast television to emerging connected digital consumer technologies, such as digital TV, online games, social networking, mobile, eCommerce, digital payments, and smarter planet smart work, among others.

She is fascinated by gamification and how it has proven to increase effectiveness of marketing programs.

Ms. Lipton holds a Master of Science degree in communications from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design from Syracuse University.  She is passionate about helping customers, empowering people and philanthropic initiatives such as United Way and Pet Rescue organizations.

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