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The Low-Down on Gamification

Badgeville steps up with acquisition of

By Chloe Della Costa During “Gamification Summit” held in San Francisco last month, Badgeville announced the acquisition of the community from Gamify. The community also includes the “Gamification” handle on popular social networks including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+. Seems like a wise move since the startup recently brought in $25 million from […]

Foursquare says goodbye to gamification with new redesign

By Chloe Della Costa With its recent redesign, Foursquare has shifted its focus from check-ins and badges to social updates, deals, and algorithmic recommendations. The app was long overdue for a revamp. Once popular with users wanting to check in to locations, compete, earn points, and even reach “mayor” status, Foursquare’s success has certainly fallen […]

How gaming can teach you decision-making skills

By Chloe Della Costa Games and gaming elements are becoming useful for a variety of industries. Rather than solely providing amusement, “serious” games from WILL Interactive are meant to help players make better life choices. The company creates Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations (VEILS), which are interactive movies in which users make serious decisions for […]

The motivations behind gamification: Tapping into psychology

By Chloe Della Costa According to gamification guru Gabe Zichermann, it’s all about understanding that “if you can make something more fun, and include notions of play, you can get people to do things they otherwise might not want to do.” Of course this shows an inherent dark side of gamification — when the purpose […]

7 Potential Pitfalls of Gamification

Although gamification can be an excellent tool for engaging consumers, there are a few caveats to be wary of. A common criticism of gamification is its manipulative nature. It is true that developers are taking advantage of elements of human psychology, and this can be somewhat exploitative. But this is part of what makes games […]

How to play a game and get a job

The San Francisco-based company is now gamifying the job search for its 4 million users. Identified has incorporated game-like features to encourage users to continually bulk up their profiles and add just the right elements. Co-founder and co-chief executive Brendan Wallace said “Generation Y is nearly invisible to employers, so this technique is key.” […]

How games make kids smarter

How games make kids smarter – Gabe Zichermann TEDxTalks – check out the video.

Recyclebank gamifies for a better world

By Chloe Della Costa Recyclebank has been running on gamification since the company was founded six years ago — before anyone even knew the term. The company uses a system of points and incentives, rewarding people for good recycling habits. Now Recyclebank has expanded across 300 communities in the U.S. and incorporates even more gamification […]

5 Secrets of Marketing Gamification

Along with social media & social business there is a lot of buzz these days around the concepts of gamification and how it’s being used in marketing, training and business processes. The focus of this post is on gamification in MARKETING; what it is, why it works and how brands are using it to MOTIVATE […]

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